• To Sew a Home

    To Sew a Home

    "This house would be done if I could just sew it."

    I kept this sentence from Maya Critchfield's artist statement in mind as I roamed through the gallery during her exhibit "To Sew a Home." Frustrated at the process of building her own cabin, Maya turned to her preferred medium: textiles. During her week-long artist residency at College of the Atlantic's Blum Gallery, Maya did just what the title of the exhibit suggests. Using reclaimed fabric, she sewed a one-room home that was later suspended in air in the middle of the gallery.

    A "personal meditation on cloth, clothing, and home," the project brought to mind a variety of other topics as well, such as the role of women's labor in the home and in industry. Maya's work is influenced by the artist Louise Bourgeois, whose work I also referenced in my series "Jats'uts Kuxtal." Knowing we both have similar influences, I was thrilled when Maya asked me to collaborate with her in creating some photos of the exhibit.

    The final structure in "To Sew a Home" felt bright and etheral yet grounded at the same time. Have a look at some more views of Maya's home below. Be sure to follow her on Instagram, too!