• Delaney and Puppy

    Delaney and Puppy

    Have you ever met a horse named Puppy? I hadn't either until I met Delaney's beloved miniature pony.

    Delaney is an equestrian student of Full Circle Farm in Salem County, New Jersey. My mom has been teaching her lessons for a few years now, and at only 8 years old she already seems like a pro!

    I really loved this session. Growing up with horses myself, I know there's something special about the bond between a girl and her horse.

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  • A First Holy Communion in Maine

    A First Holy Communion in Maine

    When my friend Juana asked me to photograph this First Holy Communion, I was most excited to see all the kids dressed up in their best dresses and suits. They did not disappoint!

    I loved that all families in the church were able to participate. By the end of the day, I captured these memories for 25 kids and their families!

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