• A Night at the Rodeo

    A Night at the Rodeo

    Woodstown, New Jersey is home to the oldest weekly rodeo in the country: Cowtown. I'm lucky to have grown up just a few miles from here in Salem County. The rodeo was founded in 1929 and has been a local staple ever since. I hadn't been since I was a kid, so I decided to make a visit with my camera and see what I was missing. Thankfully, not much has changed. All photos were shot on 35mm Kodak Portra color film. Learn more about Cowtown here.

    A boy plays with his toy guns at the rodeo.

    A barrel racer celebrates her fast time.

    Rodeo glam.

    Cowboys waiting behind the scenes.

  • Jarana: Traditional dance of Yucatán, Mexico | Jarana: El baile tradicional de Yucatán, México

    Jarana: Traditional dance of Yucatán, Mexico | Jarana: El baile tradicional de Yucatán, México

    If you're visiting Mexico's Yucatan peninsula, one of the most special traditions you can witness is the Vaquería. Rural communities celebrate their patron saint with a party that lasts for weeks, kicking off with a dance in the town's square. Jarana is the name of both the dance and music, which consists of fast-paced rhythms and fancy footwork. Jaraneros wear their best gala clothes: ternos for women and guayaberas for men. Even children come out to learn from their elders, carrying on the tradition to the next generation. These photos show a Vaquería in Yaxkukul, Yucatán, located about 25km east of the capital city of Mérida. January 19, 2019.


    Si estás de visita en la península de Yucatán, una de las tradiciones más especiales que puedes encontrar es la Vaquería. Comunidades rurales honran a su santo patron con una fiesta que dura semanas, empezando con un baile en la plaza principal del pueblo. Tanto la danza como la música se llaman Jarana, y consisten de ritmos rápidos y pasos complejos. Los Jaraneros se portan sus mejores trajes: ternos para las mujeres y guayaberas para los hombres. Hasta los niños salen a aprender de los adultos, así aseguran que la tradicón continúe en las próximas generaciones. Éstas fotos muestran una Vaquería en Yaxkukul, Yucatán, localizado 25km al este de la ciudad capital de Mérida. 19 de enero, 2019.

  • Alisa + Davis

    Alisa + Davis

    When Acadia National Park is your backyard, it's only natural that you'd hike to a secluded rocky beach for your first maternity photo session. These summer days making living on the coast of Maine so sweet!

    Even sweeter is being able to capture Alisa's pregnancy and join her and Davis in the excitement of awaiting their first baby girl. I can't wait to meet her!

  • Almost senior portraits

    Almost senior portraits

    When I first started taking pictures in high school, I used to dress up my little cousin Aalyah and have her model for me. Now she's a sophomore in high school and needless to say doesn't need me to dress her anymore. I was in South Jersey on a trip home for Easter when we took advantage of the Spring weather for an almost senior portrait session.

    As graduation season approaches, email me for your class of 2018 senior and graduation portraits!

  • My favorite places from my 2018 trip to Cuba

    My favorite places from my 2018 trip to Cuba

    Last month, my friend Kim and I spent 12 days roaming around Cuba together. This was my second time to the island and her first, so I was excited to pretend to play tour guide and travel to new places together too. We spent much of our time at a lovely AirBnB in the Centro Habana neighborhood of Havana, a stone's throw from downtown Old Havana but still far enough away from the tourist traps.

    A street scene near our AirBnB. Not wanting to be weighed down by my digital camera, I brought an old Kodak Brownie with me on this trip, which is basically a plastic box with a lens. I think the nostalgia of it lends itself well to the timelessness of Havana, and the slow shutter speed created some interesting movement in shots like this one.

    Some freshly painted buildings across from the Capitolio in Habana Vieja.

    Away from the hustle and bustle, we took a day trip to Finca Tungasuk in the provence of Artemisa, less than an hour's drive west of Havana. Run by a Nicaraguan chef (whose food was easily the best we had in Cuba) and her family, the farm is a model for regenerative and sustainable agriculture on an island increasingly threatened by climate change. As volunteers there, we planted onions, potted up seedlings, and cooled off in a nearby waterfall.

    On our search for beautiful beaches and quiet towns, we ended up in Camaguey, a provence toward the eastern/central part of the island. Despite nearly everyone in Havana telling us Camaguey was too boring, we enjoyed the clean streets, cheap food, and did I say beautiful beaches? This bus stop scene caught my eye as we were waiting to catch a ride from Santa Lucia beach back to Camaguey city.

    We also really enjoyed the Playas del Este in Havana, just about a half hour bus ride from downtown. The Noreasters hitting the US at the time gave us some wind and clouds, but it sure beats shoveling snow!

  • To Sew a Home

    To Sew a Home

    "This house would be done if I could just sew it."

    I kept this sentence from Maya Critchfield's artist statement in mind as I roamed through the gallery during her exhibit "To Sew a Home." Frustrated at the process of building her own cabin, Maya turned to her preferred medium: textiles. During her week-long artist residency at College of the Atlantic's Blum Gallery, Maya did just what the title of the exhibit suggests. Using reclaimed fabric, she sewed a one-room home that was later suspended in air in the middle of the gallery.

    A "personal meditation on cloth, clothing, and home," the project brought to mind a variety of other topics as well, such as the role of women's labor in the home and in industry. Maya's work is influenced by the artist Louise Bourgeois, whose work I also referenced in my series "Jats'uts Kuxtal." Knowing we both have similar influences, I was thrilled when Maya asked me to collaborate with her in creating some photos of the exhibit.

    The final structure in "To Sew a Home" felt bright and etheral yet grounded at the same time. Have a look at some more views of Maya's home below. Be sure to follow her on Instagram, too!

  • Delaney and Puppy

    Delaney and Puppy

    Have you ever met a horse named Puppy? I hadn't either until I met Delaney's beloved miniature pony.

    Delaney is an equestrian student of Full Circle Farm in Salem County, New Jersey. My mom has been teaching her lessons for a few years now, and at only 8 years old she already seems like a pro!

    I really loved this session. Growing up with horses myself, I know there's something special about the bond between a girl and her horse.

    Is there a special bond in your life that you'd like to capture? Email me at!

  • A First Holy Communion in Maine

    A First Holy Communion in Maine

    When my friend Juana asked me to photograph this First Holy Communion, I was most excited to see all the kids dressed up in their best dresses and suits. They did not disappoint!

    I loved that all families in the church were able to participate. By the end of the day, I captured these memories for 25 kids and their families!

    Is there a special event like this coming up in your community? I'd love to be a part of it! Email me: